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The TMT Expert Sp. z o.o. is an answer for growing market needs in the scope of higher quality of services used (with competitive maintenance costs) and raising demand for outsourcing services in bank and IT areas. The new technologies appearing in the world make any tasks easier and more profitable but their introducing require a very well qualified staff and precision in introduction plan.

According to above the staff recruitment process to the TMT Expert wasn't accidental. The blade of the company forms very good team with excellent telecom knowledge supported by many years of experience in telecom field. The TMT Expert staff was involved in many projects:

  • the first connection of the Poland into the abroad EARN network, developed later into something what we accustomed to call INTERNET
  • start and maintenance of the first international connections, giving Polish companies opportunities to establish their own corporate networks (VPNs);
  • participation in the creation, initiation and maintenance of the WAN outsourcing services (VPNs)
  • initiation and maintenance of the telecommunication systems, including bank sector;
  • design and creation of the brand new core network with ATM/FR and IP technology implemented(beginning from project, over the technology selection, technical implementation up to creation of the maintenance and support staff - including personnel selection)
  • participation in the design and creation processes of the special telecommunication systems for the government administration.

Above we have pointed just a few bigger enterprises where our employers were involved. Our experience in the all projects where we were involved gave us an excellent knowledge about Polish and worldwide telecommunication market.

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